More About Me

Real estate is about more than selling and buying houses; Shawn Bender is a matchmaker for people to find their perfect home. He will work tirelessly to create a safe and joyful environment for you to comfortably sell and buy your home. 

Shawn moved to the San Francisco Bay area twenty years ago and happily calls San Jose, California home. Shawn fell in love with the area and all the opportunities it offers from a vibrant culture to the tech world and everything in between. He has become entrenched in the Bay Area’s theatre community, making friends and connecting with the world through his passion for art and theatre. 

Shawn graduated from the University of Utah with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre and a Minor in Communications before continuing his education with a Secondary Education Certificate from Brigham Young University. He went on to use his education and passion to teach high school, work in retail sales management, and own a Subway franchise. After years of hard work, his journey revealed his passion for helping others through his own unique talents. 

Real estate became an obvious career choice for Shawn as it combined his talents, skills, knowledge, and love of working in service for others. Listening and understanding clients' needs is a critical aspect of being a Real Estate agent, and Shawn loves nothing more than exceeding his client’s expectations in their search for a dream home. 

After making the career shift to real estate, Shawn is excited to experience the professional and personal satisfaction knowing he is helping his clients in a fundamental way. Houses are so much more than shelter. They are an integral part of people’s lives and memories. Homes are the stage in which so many important and wonderful moments play out. 

Outside of honing his Real Estate expertise, Shawn derives inspiration from theatre, art, and music. Whether it’s remodeling his own home with his husband, listening to music with a glass of nice wine, or traveling, Shawn loves connecting with humanity and celebrating the beautiful and diverse world.