More About Me

I was born and raised in rural Utah and lived in Upstate New York before moving to California over twenty years ago. I love all the Bay Area has to offer and proudly call San Jose my home. With an extensive background in retail sales, management, and as a business owner, I have developed a strong work ethic and desire to exceed expectations.

Buying or selling a home is one of the most important and consequential decisions a person can make. You live, play, work, and create memories in your home. It is often the biggest financial investment you can make. I’ve been through the process of buying and selling my own homes and will always do my best to listen and act in your best interest; advocating for my clients with empathy, integrity, and respect.

As an actor and performer my goal is to create positive experiences and bring joy to my audience, and I carry the same mindset as a realtor. Theatre is a collaborative art and real estate requires the same mindset where buyers and sellers must ultimately work together in harmony for a successful real estate transaction. I would be honored to help create a virtuoso real estate performance together with you. 

Outside of honing my Real Estate expertise and playing home matchmaker, I derive inspiration from theatre, art, and music. Whether it’s redecorating our home with my husband, listening to music with a glass of nice wine, or traveling, I love connecting with humanity and celebrating the beautiful and diverse world.